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水 庭




We are pleased to announce that the botanical garden Water Garden, an elaborate creation combining speculative and modern garden elements, has opened alongside our Artist Residence Art Biotop Nasu. Junya Ishigami, winner of the Institute of Architecture Japan Award and the Golden Lion Prize at La Biennale de Venezia designed the Water Garden to thrive within nature.

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  • COLNAGOスポーツサイクル(10台)
  • 電動アシスト付き自転車(2台)
  • ご利用時間:10:00〜17:00
  • 料金:
    1時間以内 1,000円(税抜)
    2時間以内 2,000円(税抜)
    3時間以上 3,000円(税抜)
  • 雨天・冬季・凍結 ・積雪の貸出は、致しておりません。
  • お子様向けの自転車は、ご用意がございません。
  • お申込書をご記載いただきます。事故・盗難・紛失・事故破損につきましては、・治療代金・修理代金・自転車代金などをお客様実費負担していただきます。 駐輪時は必ず鍵をかけて頂き、安全運転を心掛けて下さい。

To experience and enjoy cycling, a popular sport in the Nasu Highlands, we offer sports cycles made by the prestigious Italian brand Colnago. We also offer an electric-assist bike that’s safe even in rugged mountains.

  • Colnago sports bicycle (10 available)
  • Electric-assist bicycle (2 available)
  • Bicycle rental is available from 10am to 5pm.
  • Rental Fee
    1,000 JPY for 1 hour 
    2,000 JPY for 2 hours 
    3,000 JPY 3 or more hours
    The rental fee for the electric-assist bicycles and sports cycles is the same. Tax is not included.
  • Bike rental is not available during inclement weather or in the winter.
  • Children’s bicycles are NOT available.
  • Please fill out the application form when you register. In case of accident, theft, loss, or destruction of bicycles, we ask the guests to bear the actual costs for medical service and treatment, repair charge or bicycle cost. Please make sure to lock the bike when parked and cycle safely.


For activities at nearby facilities, please contact them directly for reservation.




アートビオトープ レジデンス
ART BIOTOP Residence
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代表 0287-78-2013
[email protected]

アートビオトープ スイートヴィラ 
ART BIOTOP Suite Villa
予約 0287-74-3200 (10:00〜20:00)
代表 0287-74-3300
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