Ning Zhang

Ning grew up in a cultural and artistic environment. Ning has involved in Chinese
contemporary art since early 1990’s as an independent curator and have supported
many artists in China. She started creating her art works 10 years ago. As a curator and the first Editor-in-Chief of TARGET magazine which is the top leading luxury lifestyle magazine in China, a creative chef and a designer, her rich experiences give lots of creative ideas and inspiration in her art creation in a very cultural and spiritual way.

About Ning’s paintings
Ning is a spiritual art creator. Her experimental ink color paintings in Chinese rice paper show her understanding about Chinese traditional culture and philosophy about Yin Yang, moderation, Zen, spirituality, nature and energy. She pursues spiritual
growth in her life and she is in a process of meditation when she is painting. Ning
hopes her artwork inspire people. Her paintings with universal language give people an unlimited space of imagination and bring people tranquility, harmony and peace. Ning believes that art is the best way to understand, share and communicate with people with different cultural background.

No.7 Calligraphy

No.4 Calligraphy

No.4 Rhythm