Gentaro Yokoyama

Tokyo, Japan
Artist / Craftsman / Designer

1978 Born in Japan
1993 Enrolled in Putney School, USA
1996 Entered the Department of Arts, University of Hartford, USA
2001 Worked at D Laser Ceramics, Londonderry, Vermont, USA
2004 Started production activities with an atelier “gent ceramics”
in Monzennaka-cho, Japan
2012 Established “AMIOS DE AMIGO” product project

Major exhibitions
2010 Group exhibition “Dance on the Table” Ono Art Gallery
Group exhibition “THE PARK WEST ART SHOW” Isetan Shinjuku
2011 Solo exhibition “I love candy” MITATE
Exhibition “gentfactory” Valbeat 81
2012 Group exhibition “IKEYAN” Roppongi Hills AD Gallery
Solo exhibition “GENTCE RAMICS EXHIBITION 2012” ap gallery
2013 Group Exhibition “IKEYAN” Roppongi Hills AD Gallery
Group Exhibition “Yin and Yang of Ceramics” Matsukichi (Kanazawa)
2014 Solo exhibition “now Monzennakacho” Gallery MITATE
Group exhibition “IKEYAN” Roppongi Hills AD Gallery
2015 Solo Exhibition “GENT CERAMICS EXHIBITION” Ginza Mitsukoshi
Solo Exhibition “WHITE OUT” Roppongi Hills Museum Shop
Group Exhibition “IKEYAN” Roppongi Hills AD Gallery
Solo Exhibition “BUSAN ART FAIR” Merciel (Busan)
Solo Exhibition “TEA YOU” SHUHALLY (Yokohama)
2017 Two-person exhibition “Contemporary Ceramics” JPF Gallery (Sydney)
Solo exhibition “POP YOU ARE” Gallery Sankaibi

Other activities
2009 FREE’S SHOP Interior cooperation: Wall decoration,
Commemorative monument production at Tokyo Metropolitan University
Elementary School playground: