Kanako Saito


1988 Born in Hokkaido.
Completed the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Kyoto City University of Arts.
Completed RCA (Royal College of Art) London Exchange Study Abroad.

Major solo exhibitions
2017 “Jitazuru Ren” Gallery Kadoma & ANNEX (Sapporo)
2016 “Once upon a time rag and phantom” TO OV cafe / Sapporo Citizen’s Gallery
2015 “Spiritus and Info” Gallery Inokumatei (Kyoto)
2014 “Absinthe and Fantasia” PRINZ (Kyoto)

Major group exhibitions
2017 “Tokyo Wonder Seed 2017” (Tokyo)
2016 “1000 Small Box Exhibition” Kankaku Museum (Miyagi)
“Kyoto City University of Arts Completion Exhibition” Kyoto City University
of Arts
2015 “Three” Hockney Gallery (London)
“FIDDING WHILE EARTH BURNS” Dyson Building (London)
“Koku to Kire” CASO (Osaka)
“Serendipity” Rissei Elementary School (Kyoto)
2014 “Thinking about Verbal” Corp. Kita Kagaya (Osaka)
“Art shower summer 201” CASO (Osaka)
“Cross Exhibition of Art and Science” Kyoto University Museum
2013 “Sokonikoso” Contemporaneous Gallery (Kyoto)
and others

2017 Workshop for Children in Tohoku: Children’s Earth Fund

Like a gem 2016.11

Jitazuru Ren  2017.9

Like something, like lotus 2017.9