About the Water Garden Tour

We would like to ask you to confirm the following safety precautions before making a payment.

The Water Garden is a 100-year project built upon natural ecosystem. We would appreciate your understanding for the preservation of delicate ecosystem.

Safety Precautions:

  • - There is a variety of living things in the Water Garden and some of them may be harmful. Please do not touch them.
  • - There may be construction vehicles in the Water Garden for maintenance. While construction works are undertaken with great cautions, we would like to ask you to watch out for the traffic and construction materials at the site.
  • - Stones piled up around the garden are materials for maintenance work.
    Please do not touch them or climb on them.
  • - In the Water Garden, please walk on the steppingstones to protect vegetation of the garden. Please be careful not to step on the tarpaulin that surrounds the ponds (the white cloth material on the edge of the ponds). Do not walk in the ponds.
  • - Some places in the garden are slushy and unsteady on feet. To avoid accident, please do not walk with high heels or beach sandals.
  • -Sprouting plants are in process of creating new ecosystem. Please do not pick or damage them.
  • -Pets are not allowed in the Water Garden.
  • -Children must walk with adult supervision.
  • -We are not responsible for any accidents, injuries or incidents that may occur in the Water Garden. Please pay attention to the safety measures and enjoy the walk.