In glass art, unique shapes can be created by controlling the power of flame, temperature, and gravity without ever touching the work directly with your hands. Beautiful luster and clarity can be produced from the molten glass. In our glass studio, you can fully experience the charm of the glassmaking – glassblowing, sand casting, burner work, sandblasting, and more are all available to try.


While enjoying the feel of soil in your palm, devote your full attention on your fingertips and immerse yourself deeply in your own world. In the studio, you can choose activities in accordance with your tastes and skill levels. You can experience hand-kneading on a potter’s wheel and painting to create your original work.


Indigo feels nostalgic, maybe because it is a dye which has been employed through our history. The color of nature’s bounty will give us a peace of mind.
The “BLU” project produced by Indigo artist Tatz Miki is coming to Art Biotop.
In this studio, you will be able to experience indigo dye’s sustainable color culture through the workshops and dyeing services.

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Art Biotop has been hosting the “Artist in Residence Program (AIR)” since 2008. Every year, artists of various genres, both domestic and abroad, stay with us for the creative work while jointly promoting activities such as workshops and events for the community.


The archives of past exhibits, collections, and artists staying for Artist-in- Residence program.