Jared Boechler

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Contemporary Visual Artist

Jared Boechler’s fields of activity range from traditional art to olfactory art, installations, and glass crafts. In recent years, he has been particularly focusing on creative activities that combine scent and art.
Boechler exhibits internationally, most recently presenting as the youngest artist at NordArt in Germany. He has recently been awarded working fellowships at Serlachius Museum, Finland and Sheen Center for Thought and Culture in New York, USA. Boechler was the recipient of the Aboriginal Arts Prize 2018 in Canada and was recently shortlisted for the Gamma Young Artist competition, an ecologically focused prize in co-partner with Keio University (Japan), Vienna University and University of London. In 2018, he held the unique solo Exhibition “On a Tipped Chair” combining scent and paintings in Seattle and New York.
The projects pursued during the residence fall outside of the comfort of my usual practice and will mark the first time that I am expanding my practice beyond traditional fine arts with a glass installation presentation. The birds of focus in project, native to the area, will be the focus specimens for the flight installation. I will be requiring access to study the flight patterns of the bird as well as its physical appearance. It is my belief that their production requires an environment that values an approach deeply rooted in the history of the surrounding area and involvement with the local community.

To Lead A Lavender Life 2018

No Strife 2018

The Lonely Hours 2013