Sally Song

Seoul, Korea

Sally Song is a Seoul-born illustrator who is based in Seoul, New York and Hawaii.
She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Illustration at School of Visual Arts in
2015 and after a short spell of work experience at a marketing design firm, she
decided to go freelance to focus on her illustration works.

Her main character used in her artwork is a chubby, emotionless person who was first
founded during class at college. At first, the character was merely a genderless,
enigmatic person but later, Sally began to realize that the character in fact
resembled herself. As a result, the character was given the name “Sally” and she
started to illustrate “Sally” in various ways to fulfill her inner desire, interest, and
passion. Sally finds inspiration with her characters in the everyday moment.
from Monday morning coffee to Friday night festivities, from kittens to cats, from drinks to foods to list a few.

Her recent illustration clients include Ebay Auction, Allure Korea, Milk Korea, Klorenz, and many more.

Feel free to stop by and enjoy her illustrations in Instagram :

Woven grounds chair

Fountain open

Oval grass