Art Biotop Nasu has closed. This website is an archive.


μ (myu) is the 12th letter in ancient Greek.
In the International System of Units, it means micro.
The name signifies our desire to reflect on ancient times and foresee the future through food cultures.

  • Lunch 12:00 – 13:00(L.O.)Reservation required
  • ディナー Supper 18:00 – 20:00(L.O.)Reservation required

Cooking starts from our field

In the farm on our premises, 20 kinds of vegetables and herbs such as ginseng, radishes, Japanese spinach, Italian parsley, wild strawberries, and rosemary are grown.
At Art Biotop, farmers are considered as a chef, connecting ingredients from the ground to the table.

畑から作り始める料理 畑から作り始める料理

From seeds to table

The concept is artistic cuisine that deepens the theme of “from field to table”. We would like to make full use of natural power of the wild and flavorful ingredients unique to the blessed terroir (land) of this area. We try to return to the basic idea that cooking is, above all, nourishing one’s life. We would like to deliver a great gift of nature to the table with no rhetoric.

種子からテーブルまで 種子からテーブルまで

Food allergy menu

If you have food allergies, please let us know at the time of booking (we will not be able to accept the request on the day of your visit). We will try to prepare dishes according to the request as much as possible. Please note that however, we cannot guarantee the complete removal of allergens derived from foodstuffs. Please note that, due to the style of our cuisine, milk and wheat cannot be removed from the menu. If you wish to have 100% allergens-free food, please prepare your own meal in advance.