Privacy policy

Without the consent, we promise to keep the privacy information confidential so that the personal data of the customers managed from this site will not be disclosed to others. The matters related to personal information protection at NIKISSIMO Inc., (hereinafter referred to as "our company") is described as follows.

Collection of personal information and its purpose

This homepage can be accessed without revealing your personal information. The information of the accessed person is recorded in the form of an access log, but personally identifiable information is not included. The access log is used for website maintenance and statistical analysis of status of utilization but is not used for any other purpose. In addition, on this website, personal information (name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.) will be registered by the customers only when using applications for inquiries and job offers, and when applying for questionnaires and campaigns will become necessary. If you provide personal information other than the above, we will collect the personal information after clarifying the purpose of use.

Usage of personal information

We will use the information we receive only in the following cases within the scope of the purpose notified to the customer in advance.
We will use the personal information received when applying for a job within the scope necessary for recruitment selection. We will not use it for any other purpose without consent. Please note that various documents (history, transcripts, etc.) submitted by you in connection with the recruitment selection cannot be returned.
We will not use the personal information we receive when making inquiries.

Security management of personal information

We may retain the information provided for an unspecified period.
We will never provide or share personally identifiable information provided to third parties. However, in the following cases, personal information may be disclosed or provided to a third party.

  • ・When the customer’s prior consent is obtained
  • ・When our contractor who has signed a confidentiality agreement needs it for system maintenance and management
  • ・When there is a request from the government agencies such as the police office
  • ・When required by relevant laws and regulations

Personal information will not be used for any purpose other than the above “Usage of personal information”.
Retained data is saved by the mechanism that protects access from the outside.
Although we make every effort to protect personal information, we cannot guarantee the safety of information sent by users at their own risk or information received via services. Please note that if you enter your personal information on this website, we will consider that you have agreed to this privacy policy.
This homepage links to sites that can be convenient for customers (other facilities / organizations), but we are not responsible for the collection and handling of personal information performed on the linked homepages.

Management of personal information

At our company, we thoroughly manage the personal information of our customers and strive to strengthen security to prevent leakage, unauthorized access, falsification, loss, and damage to the outside. By contacting the inquiry desk below, we will accept requests for reference, correction, and deletion of your personal information held by our company. In that case, please note that we will inform you of information to identify the individual customer. If you instruct our company to correct or delete your personal information, the administrator who has the authority to access the database will take appropriate action.
Inquiries: NIKISSIMO Inc., Tel: 03-3221-4220 (10:00am – 6:00pm)


下記のお問合せ窓口までご連絡を頂く事により、当施設が保有するお客様の個人情報の参照や訂正、削除のご要望を承ります。その際、お客様個人を特定する為の情報をお知らせ頂きますのでご了承下さい。 個人情報の訂正や削除のご指示を受けた場合は、データベースにアクセスする権限を持つ管理者が適切な処理を行ないます。
お問合せ窓口:(株)NIKISSIMO 03-3221-4220 AM10:00〜PM6:00

About revision of privacy policy

If there are any changes to this policy, we will notify on this website. Other changes are subject to change without prior notice, so please check the latest information on this website. Please note that our company is not responsible for any troubles caused by not confirming the site.