Twin Rooms

The guestrooms with a 3m depth of large terrace consist of 14 villas (15 rooms), located on a gentle slope facing the beautiful mountain streams that run along both sides of the property.

ツインルーム 立面 ツインルーム 平面
  • Capacity: 3 adults per villa
  • Size: Approximately 82.5m² (including the terrace)
  • Bathroom: Natural stone bathtub
  • No smoking

* If 3 people stay in the Villa, a sofa bed will be installed in the room.

Refrigerator, Internet video display, Electric kettle, Coffee mill, Coffee beans, Tea box, Green tea set

* The barrier-free room does not have an Internet video display.

ツインルーム 立面 ツインルーム 平面

Twin room with a sauna and a fireplace

This villa is equipped with a mist sauna and a fireplace. You will see that the retaining walls made of stone excavated during the construction of the site signify the climate of this area spreading at the foot of the volcanic Nasu mountains.

サウナ・暖炉付ツインルーム 立面 サウナ・暖炉付ツインルーム 平面
  • By connecting two rooms next to each other, it can be used as a connecting suite.
  • Capacity: 4 adults per villa
  • Size: 152m² (as a connecting suite)
  • Bathroom: Cypress bathtub
  • No smoking

Mist sauna, Fireplace (on the terrace), Refrigerator, Internet video display, Electric kettle, Coffee mill, Coffee beans, Tea box, Green tea set

サウナ・暖炉付ツインルーム 立面 サウナ・暖炉付ツインルーム 平面



Goethe said that the highest happiness of humanity is to be amazed.

Not only is the Suite Villa a place to relax, but for one to expect the unexpected. We have set up the bookshelf that stimulates the five senses in each villa.

Or one might say, this is a small gallery that you can monopolize.

The works of the two artists are juxtaposed for a reason on one shelf, to bring out an even powerful drama that may play.



Room wear (one-piece type) / Slippers / Cotton / Cotton swabs / Bath towel / Face towel / Hand towel / Shampoo, soap / Body lotion / Bath salt / Weight scale / Dryer /Small and medium plates / Glass cup / Cup / Fork / Spoon / Stationery set / Hangers / Shoehorn / Outdoor shoes for walking in Water Garden / Flashlight / Sewing set / Water Garden guidebook / Wine opener / Yoga mat / Umbrella / Postcards

Iron / Ironing board / Humidifier / Smartphone charger

* Limited quantity

  • Free Wi-Fi (in the guest rooms, library lounge, Restaurant μ, CAFE KANTAN and Residence building)
  • * LAN is not available.



Body treatment

For 60 minutes 16,000 yen / 90 minutes 19,000 yen /120 minutes 23,000 yen

The treatment program provided by the therapist who has mastered the technique of Nikissimo maintains the entire mind and body based on the idea of “naturopathic (phytotherapy)” with the best use of the natural healing power of plants. The treatment will help you to regain the original internal rhythm of organism. Enjoy the time to be released from the daily noises. Please relax from the core of your being with a carefully crafted treatment while enjoying the scent of trees and air in Art Biotop. We will choose appropriate Nikissimo original blended oil based on guest’s condition. For the carrier oil, the finest camellia oil, which is effective for skin care is used.


Facial treatment

For 60 minutes 17,000 yen

Our facial treatment starts with gentle cleansing with gel, and uses Clay-gel Wash to remove dead skin cells that may cause roughness and dullness of skin and pores. After then, slowly massage the face and shoulders with camellia oil containing essential geranium and lavender. All-hand facial care is performed with facial pack with a mask soaked with plenty of collagen and head massage.


Body & Facial Treatment

For 120 minutes 25,000 yen / 150 minutes 29,000 yen / 180 minutes 33,000 yen

We offer the special plan that combines body treatment with facial care. Please enjoy a full treatment to refresh your entire body.



30 minutes + 5,000 yen

  • Hours: 10:00-21:00Last reservation 20:00 (only for 60 minutes treatment)
  • Program: Counseling → Foot bath → Treatment → Refreshment
  • Reservation required 
    Please make a reservation at the reception by 17:00 the day before.
    (We may be able to accept the reservation on the day.)
  • * If you are pregnant, please do not take the above treatments.
  • * Cancellation on the previous day will be charged 50% of the total fee, and cancellation on the day will be charged 80%.
  • * Consumption tax will be charged separately.


Check in and Check out time

15:00 / 11:30


Service available 24 hours a day

High Tea Service


Library Lounge offers High Tea Service (free) for Suite Villa guests.

15:00 – 16:30


Please enjoy the chef’s course in French style at Restaurant μ in the facility.


Room Service-Morning Basket (8:00-10:00)


CAFE KANTAN offers light meals and the menu using local ingredients.


Art Biotop has a pottery studio and a glass studio where you can enjoy a full-fledged creative experience.


Guests can freely walk around Water Garden.
The Water Garden guidebook is available in the guest rooms. You are welcome to join “Water Garden Guided Tour” free of charge.

Cancellation policy


7 days to 2 days before: 50%, the day before: 80%, on the day / no-show: 100%

The Golden Week and Obon Holidays

10 days to 4 days before: 50%, 3 days to the day before: 80%, on the day / no-show: 100%

The New Year Holidays

30 days to 14 days before: 30%, 13 days to 7 days before: 60%, 6 days to the day before: 80%, on the day / no-show: 100%

* For reservations of 5 rooms or more, the cancellation policy for the group reservations will be applied.